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Hedley Industrial Group

About Hedley Industrial Group

Hedley’s Industrial Group and its operating units are independent from other affiliated companies. Through the Hedley Industrial Group, we supply the market with pipes and liners that meet the highest international best-in-class standards for quality, at a competitive price. Each of its operating units specializes in a particular material and can meet all of your projects’ requirements: from standard products to customization.


Advanced Pipes & Cast Co.

Advanced Pipes & Cast Company

HIEPP - Abu Dhabi

Hedley Segment Pipes

Excellent Pipes Company - Sole Proprietorship L.L.C

Excellent Pipes Company

Other Companies

Hedley International Emirates Contracting LLC operates in the UAE and internationally as a General Civil Engineering contracting company with participation in PPP, EPC, BOOT and DBOO projects and concessions.


Hedley International Emirates Group Brochure